September 2020

September is the month for fresh beginnings. It is the month when many children go to school or college for the first time. It is also the month when many clubs and groups resume their activities and meetings after the summer break. It is the month when many will start their first job.

We put great store by our firsts. The first step a baby makes, their first tooth, their first word these firsts are eagerly awaited by parents and grandparents. As we get older it’s our first kiss or first friendship. There are probably also firsts that we perhaps would rather forget such as the first parking ticket, or the first time you realise you have been lied too. We remember and often record our firsts not because they are extraordinary but because they are important to us and we want to remember them. Perhaps in some ways we think they give an indication of the future. We hope that the first day at school will lead to a university degree and a brilliant job and the first kiss will be with the one true love of our
life. But in reality the first day is simply the beginning.

This year of course there is some trepidation for the first day of new beginnings. Many questions are probably on our minds at this time. Will it be safe for children to return to school? Will it be safe to go to university? Will we be able to hold more normal church services by Christmas? Will Remembrance Sunday be happening amid the need to wear face masks in crowds. Will we be able to sing in Church soon?

Of course, like you I don’t know the answer to these questions and can only pray that we all remain as safe as possible. Hopefully if we are all careful this month will be the start of a return to nearer normal for us all.

May this coming month of September be for you all a time of new beginnings. Perhaps you now have the time to join a study group or learn something new? Perhaps you would like to be a member of a choir when lockdown is over? Perhaps you have often thought about attending an evening or day class? Perhaps this seems like the time to do something for
others. There are many possibilities and opportunities for new firsts and fresh beginnings.

I hope that you will be able to look back on this month of September as having been a time of rewarding and even an exciting first of some sort.

With every blessing
Revd Christine

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