October 2017

Autumn with its change of colours and promise of things to come is upon us. The everchanging cycle of the seasons throughout the year reminds us that nothing remains the same, that good will follow bad, and that bad, while not completely unavoidable, will not stay forever.

As I write the news of the shootings in Las Vegas is just coming through. Countless lives will be changed forever as a result of such evil. We could and will weep over this tragedy, but in Christ there is away forward as we seek to bring love, peace and hope to communities and individuals.

So yes we could stand and wring our hands in despair, but we could instead offer practical help and love to those in situations of such tragedy and grief, not just Las Vegas but in the smaller scale but no less important situations of everyday life – where a helping hand or listening ear is all that is needed.

So, instead of bemoaning the state of the world, can you be the one making a difference in that world? And make the world a better place for all to enjoy. A good world, made by our Creator God with humanity as its stewards.

Thought for the month: “You created my inmost being, you knit me together in my mother’s womb” Psalm 139:13



10 Oct Deanery Synod at Copthorne.

15th Vison Morning with John Sherlock. Come ready to think about the mission of St.Richards. Holy Communion 9.30am followed by meeting until about 1pm

21st Messy Church 3-5pm

29th Oct 4-6pm our annual Light Party for children and their carers, includes food and party bags!


Coming up 5th November 3pm, Memorial service where we remember with thanksgiving those who have died in the last year.

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