February 2020

The Christmas decorations are down, and the world is quiet and darker – except that the days are getting longer as we can now look forward to spring. 

This month we celebrate Candlemas. We remember the time when Jesus was presented in the Temple and His mother Mary attended a service of purification, following His birth. A very significant moment for them both and for the whole family and community. 

Nowadays we continue to remind ourselves of this service, seemingly so long after Christmas that Jesus is the light of the world and He came to bring God’s light to the world – especially the places and areas of lives that had become dark and/or shadowy. So, yet again, we light a lot of candles in Church. It becomes a ‘candle-mass’ – remembering the event of His presentation and also what He means to us now.

Jesus was born, Jesus was presented and then Jesus was nurtured, to grow into what He became for each of us: a light to fill our darkness. So, if you are watching bulbs grow or planting seeds ready to nurture, take a moment to remember the Christ child – His birth, the early days of His life, the presentation and subsequent nurture, as you do so. This

month we do also have Valentine’s Day of course and being aware of love also reminds us of nurturing – after all, love is all about nurturing. Love itself has to be nurtured, but to love someone is to nurture, as well as enjoy them.

Jesus himself was nurtured, then He nurtured us and, (if we let Him) still does, so as we are reminded too of St Valentine, let’s not forget how important ‘nurture’ is. If you feel unloved or not nurtured, have a quiet word with Jesus and tell Him. Come into Church for a peaceful time with Him, and on a Sunday, before or after the service, visit the candle stand and light a candle asking him to shed His light into a shadow.

May I wish you all a lot of love and nurture this month!

Revd Christine 

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