February 2018

Lent begins on 14 February this year. But what actually is Lent? The word itself comes from an old English word, Lengten, which means Spring, the time when the days begin to lengthen. In the 4th century the Christian Church decided that the 40 days before Easter should be spent remembering the time when Jesus went into the wilderness and was tempted. Traditionally Christians have spent these 40 days of Lent (Ash Wednesday to Easter is 46 days, but Christians do not fast on Sundays) fasting with sorrow and self-denial. It’s an opportunity to review our life in Christ, to see if we have slipped into bad habits not consistent with faith in Christ. Many people also take it as an opportunity to take up a new spiritual discipline. Maybe joining in a Lent Study Course or reading a spiritual book.

This year at St.Richards we will be following the Diocesan Lent Course for the year of prayer, beginning Tuesday 20 Feb at 7.30pm. Looking at various paintings we will be asking- where is God, what is God saying to us through this art. Please join us.


Calendar February

1st Feb. 10am Communion

2nd February PCC

4th Feb, Lisa will some to the 10am service to talk about St. Catherine’s Hospice

11th  February meeting after the 10am service to discuss the coming vacancy

13th Feb. Shrove Tuesday pancake party. 6pm, please let us know if you are coming

14th Feb. Ash Wednesday 7.30pm Communion with imposition of ashes. Lent begins.

17th Feb. 3-5pm Messy Church

20th Feb. Lent Course 7.30pm

24th Feb Coffee Morning at Marion’s

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