August 2017

August 2017

Schools out, the sun is out(maybe) and holiday season is upon us.

Are you having a break this Summer? For many it is beyond their financial means, but the break from the routine does not need to be costly. In fact, it does not need to cost anything at all. A walk in the park, a book from the library, a chat with friends. Anything that changes or breaks the routine can revive and refresh us. Even a day off will rejuvenate us.

When God created the world and made the 7th day a day of rest, it was for our enjoyment. All work and no play does not make for well rounded human beings. Made in the image of God, our lives reflect that godliness when we make rest or play an essential part of our lives.

As a church our regular activities wind down for the month – we keep with the Sunday worship but other things take a rest. Why don’t you take this month as an opportunity to rest, reassess and revive your selves. Maybe join us one Sunday as well.

God bless you this Summer and may you be a blessing to others too.


The long awaited notice for changing the parish boundaries has arrived. Please read the notice on the church door and make your responses by 14th August.

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